Helen trained in Theatre Studies, worked as Assistant Director / Community & Education at Sutton Theatres, ran her own theatre company and started at CASPA in 2004 as a drama facilitator. 

She became passionate about neurodiversity and threw herself into working with the parents who set CASPA up to develop the charity into the amazing organisation it is today.  She has undertaken numerous courses and qualifications since working with the CASPA children and is proud that CASPA has a strong reputation for effectively supporting some of Bromley’s most vulnerable, complex and challenging children & young people.

Helen has four children and works full time as our CASPA Director. 

Her goal is to enable all those with Autism, ASDs, neurodiversities, emotional and behavioural difficulties and social & communication disabilities that come into contact with CASPA to be inspired, gain independence, have their voices heard and ultimately be properly integrated into society.