Lynda Lisle – Trustee

Photo of Linda LisleI am Lynda Lisle, mum to an adult son James.  I first became involved with CASPA at its inception when a number of parents were concerned at the lack of social opportunities for children on the Autistic Spectrum.  James was then just 10 years old and moving into secondary school with all the worries and stresses that holds.

Since that time I have seen my son grow both in stature and confidence, becoming a more mature, calm and understanding young adult of whom I am immensely proud!  This is due in no small amount to the staff at CASPA, who have moulded and guided these young people through understanding good role models and activities suited to their needs.

CASPA does not judge, the club is always a hive of activity, and all the young people feel safe, included and wanted.  As a result, the parents/carers are able to feel rested having found a place that understands.

I became involved as a Trustee when my son went to university. He now works full time as a Paramedic with Kent Ambulance Service.  When my son is able, he returns to work at the various clubs now running at CASPA, passing on his knowledge not only to the children but to the parents/carers as well.

I can honestly say that my son regards CASPA as his second family, it means that much to him.  And I wholeheartedly agree!