Membership 2022


Unfortunately, with the exception of our Parent and Toddler Group and 22 years + service, we have regretfully had to close our waiting list for all other clubs and family services.

Our current waiting list has now reached 104 children, young people, adults and their families and we anticipate it will be at least 6 months before we can reopen the wait list.

At CASPA we have prided ourselves in being able to be that beacon of hope and support for our members and their families but with the increased capacity at clubs, we feel that if we continue to grow anymore at this time, we shall not be able to deliver the amazing service and care that our members deserve. 

We really don't want to cause disappointment and appreciate that there are so many people that need us, but we also do not want to be another service with an 'endless' waiting list and we need to manage people's expectations. 

We hope you understand and if you are a Bromley resident, please do contact the borough's Autism Family Service via the contact details below and they will hopefully be able to refer you to other services available:

If you have a pre-school child or are an adult over 22 years of age, please email for further information. 

When we are in a position to reopen our waiting lists, we shall announce this on our newsletter which you can subscribe to by clicking this link: Subscribe to CASPA Newsletter (click here)

We also announce any public events on our newsletter which you may not have to be a member in order to join, for example our Easter Trail.