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Now available to purchase on Amazon as a Paperback or Kindle edition, our very own book ‘What Autism Means To Me.’

The Autism-Friendly Guide
to Periods eBook

By Robyn Steward

The Color Monster

A Story about Emotions

By Anna Llenas

Helping You to Identify and
Understand Autism Masking

By Emma Kendall

In My Heart

A Book of Feelings

By Jo Witek

Autism Discussion Page

Proactive Strategies for Minimizing Sensory,
Social and Emotional Overload.

By Bill Nason

I am an Aspie Girl

A book for young girls with autism
spectrum conditions.

By Danuta Bulhak-Paterson

The Kids’ Guide to Staying Awesome

Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate their Emotions and Senses

By Lauren Brukner

The Whole-Brain Child

12 Proven Strategies to Nurture Your Childs Developing Mind.

By Dr Tina Payne Bryson


The CASPA team is made up of passionate and experienced staff and volunteers.

Many are qualified SEN teachers, TAs and subject specialists. We have a diverse team of sports, drama, arts, counseling and youth work professionals to inspire and support our members.