Title Puberty & Sexuality, its impact on Neurodiveristy

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Puberty workshop


The professionals leading it

Dr Mark Brown PhD, MA Autism, RNLD, Dip Prof Pract, Dip Appl Psych

Special Needs Consultant

Special Help 4 Special Needs

Exploring the issues faced by children and teenagers with a learning disability and/or autism, when they are going through puberty, and the impact this can have on their family and wider circle. Topics covered will include:-

Identifying the characteristics of puberty that can have a significant effect on young people

Providing an understanding of anger management related to puberty

Practical approaches which can be taken to address inappropriate sexualised behaviours

How it’s never too early to start planning for puberty

How do you teach your child about sex, relationships and growing up when they have language processing difficulties and may not understand the subtle cues and nuances of appropriate behaviour? What can you do and say to a child as a parent, a carer or another responsible adult to help them make sense of these complex and difficult issues so they know how to keep themselves and others safe?

Sometimes, due to our own embarrassment, it can seem easier to say nothing at all and hope for the best, but that can have catastrophic consequences. It leaves our children very vulnerable to either being taken advantage of themselves, or of entering the criminal justice system later on due to their own lack of understanding of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

Mark Brown’s session will give you the essential knowledge, understanding, tools and confidence to help your child navigate growing up much more safely. Parents love his warmth and sense of humour, and the way he can talk about all the “difficult stuff” that makes you want to rush home and start planning those vitally important conversations with your own children.

Date and Time 15/04/21 from 19:00 to 21:00

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