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Peer to Peer

Parent / Carer Support

CASPA is a welcoming, non judgemental community where we can come together to find support to achieve the best outcomes for each other and our families.

Get advice about a whole host of topics and find true connection and friendships with a network of other individuals connected to the autistic community.

Come and be part of the conversation!


Facebook Site

Another great resource and platform to share information and ask questions to get advice from more expert Parents and Carers.

You can search previous topics that have already been discussed such as toilet training and school placements.

To join follow the link here or Search CASPA Parent/Carer Support Forum on Facebook.

Parent / Carer Pryzm

(LGBTQA+) Group

Monthly Zoom sessions for parents/carers of autistic people identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

A safe space for parents/carers to explore issues and share experiences with others who are on a similar journey. Our professional team facilitate discussions around gender, sexuality and the challenges and triumphs that come with caring for individuals with these particular intersecting diversities. We also have a CASPA Rainbow Parents WhatsApp group for peer support.

Online Meetings

Once a Month

Our Parent/Carer Support Zooms run every other Tuesday and are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people, ask for advice, share tips, resources and achievements.

Or just talk about your concerns, fears or life in general without fear of judgment.

Our sensitive and confident CASPA staff facilitate the group and are always on hand to answer questions or provide guidance.

Drop-In Sessions

Wednesdays 9:30-11:00am

Also Regular Parent/Carer Only Walks

Book below to enjoy a Cuppa at our drop in once a month on Wednesdays or come along to our Parent/Carer only walks for an opportunity to meet other parents and carers, all at different points of their journey. Share stories and experiences in a safe space and engage in peer-to-peer support at its best.

Parent / Carer

WhatsApp Group

Our Parent/Carer Whatsapp is a very busy group with over 200 Parents and Carers.

In other words, with over 200 experts!

This is another platform where you can share top tips, websites, advice, ask questions and share achievements.

Parent / Carer


Regular workshops, run by both CASPA Staff and external experts that come highly recommended.

Tried and tested, to bring you practical advice, information and recommendations for your knowledge toolbox and greater understanding.

They are sourced based on topics that regularly come up from Parents and Carers and cover hot topics such as Sensory Processing Disorder, Masking, Eating Disorders, Speech and Language Delay, Puberty, etc..

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