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Below is information about our Management Team. We also have 30+ amazing sessional support staff supporting our activities.

The CASPA team is made up of passionate and experienced staff and volunteers. Many are qualified SEN teachers, TAs and subject specialists. We have a diverse team of sports, drama, arts, counseling and youth work professionals to inspire and support our members.



Interim Chief Executive Officer


Sarah started as a volunteer and then became employed as a youth worker for Bromley youth service from 17-21yrs, where she studied Youth and the Community to diploma level.

She worked as a carer and then progressed to Centre Manager of a day centre for disabled adults for Leonard Cheshire for 5 years.

Sarah started with CASPA as a youth worker in 2004. CASPA is the most amazing charity that works extremely hard and consistently with all the young people and their families. She believes in the young people and know they can achieve so much with the right support and that’s why CASPA is the great success that it is.

Hobbies and Interest: Family days out and afternoon brunches

Favorite Food: cheese

Favorite Film: Dirty Dancing

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Seeing the children/young people adults achieve and try new things.




My name is Liz and I mostly work behind the scenes on admin, membership and communication helping members to be able to access our services or other forms of support.

Hobbies and Interest: Reading anything and everything, whenever I get time. Movies. Me and my daughter are big Harry Potter fans and we are still waiting for our letter from Hogwarts. I love History and going to castles, museums, particularly anything to do with the first and second world war.

Favorite Food: The Chicken Club from the CASPA Café

Favorite Film: Too many to choose from. Top 5: Forest Gump, Pride and Prejudice, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love working with the amazing staff and members and their families. They are all incredible human beings.


Activity Support Worker


I have been part of CASPA for almost 20 years now as my Mum Bernie was one of the parents who helped to start the sessions (which were much smaller than they are now). I found working at CASPA inspired me to pursue a career in special needs and I now work as a special needs teacher working with pupils with severe learning difficulties.

Hobbies and Interest: Films, puzzles, travelling

Favorite Food: Crisps

Favorite Film: Too many to choose from!

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: The family feel and getting to have fun with the young people and adults we work with.


CASPA Café Volunteer




CASPA Café Support Worker


My name is Beth and I’ve worked at the CASPA Café as an assistant since January 2022.

Hobbies and Interest: Photography, Music and spend time with family and friends.

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Film: Green Mile as its such a good but sad movie!

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: What I most love about CASPA is how friendly everyone is and how we are all like a big family. I’ve been given such a warm welcome by everyone!


Activity Support Worker


I’m a mum of 3 boys who have had the privilege of being Caspa members for the past 4 years. I recently joined Caspa as a staff member because I wanted to be a part of making social connections and experiences for children and young people on the autistic spectrum accessible and enjoyable.

Hobbies and Interest: I enjoy watching scary films and comedies. I love singing and doing Karaoke with friends.

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Film: My Girl

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love working at Caspa and seeing all of our children and young people feel free to be themselves. Watching the members make social connections with each other and enjoy each other’s company is amazing.


Activity Support Worker


Hello I’m Cassie! I work across a range of the CASPA clubs and love them all. I have been a part of CASPA for around 16 years; first as a sibling and then as a staff member a few years later. Once you’re in the CASPA family you will never want to leave. It truly is a safe place for all our young people to just be themselves, make friendships and flourish into the best versions of themselves.

As I said CASPA is a family and the support you feel here you can’t compare to anywhere else.  CASPA is continuously evolving and I can not wait to see where we will go next! I am currently training to become an I HEART facilitator through CASPA which is an innate health education and resilience training programme for young people. I am very excited to start this with our Young people as mental health is incredibly important.

Hobbies and Interest: I love animals, the theatre and working with young people! Alongside CASPA I am a special needs teacher so I love being creative!

Favorite Food: Nachos!

Favorite Film: Blindside

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Seeing all the friendships blossom!


Activity Support Worker


My name is Emily and I mostly work on the Online Late Diagnosis Group at CASPA. I have been part of CASPA as the sibling of a member since I was 4 years old and have never been able to say goodbye! I currently have another sibling that attends CASPA Inters, and I have personally been a CASPA staff member since 2021. I love working with all the different groups, but as I have been at university for the past year, I have been working mainly with our members on our online Zoom sessions!

Hobbies and Interest: tbc

Favorite Food: It has to be Quorn Chicken Nuggets – if you haven’t tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Favorite Film: Disney’s Encanto has definitely taken the top spot this year!

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: It just feels like a home from home! This is something that not only have I experienced in the 18 years I’ve been a part of CASPA, but is something I know that all our members and staff, old and new, grow to feel as well… I honestly don’t think there’s anything quite like it!


Programme Manager, CASPA Futures 18+


Hi I’m Chloe, Programme manager for CASPA futures 18+. Ive worked for CASPA since September 2019 and I absolutely love it. I run the 18+ Monday social club, walk and talks, community group and other activities like holiday meet ups, club nights, independent skills and other social events. We’re really keen to develop our adult services at the moment so watch this space.

Hobbies and Interest: Outside of CASPA I love swimming and walking, spending time with my daughter and being with my family and friends.

Favorite Food: Pizza!

Favorite Film: Pretty Woman

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I absolutely love enabling and watching people be truly themselves and seeing the adult members develop in independence, confidence, well being and in their friendships. I also love working with the other staff members, there’s something really special about CASPA and I’m honoured to be a part of it!

Chloe Mc

Activity Support Worker


My name is Chloe Mc and I mostly work on the Pryzm, Futures, Seniors and Connects clubs at CASPA. I enjoy watching films/tv, exploring the outdoors and going to gigs!

Hobbies and Interest: Watching/making films, listening to music and playing video games.

Favorite Food: Too many to choose but I always go for a Katsu curry at Wagamamas!

Favorite Film: This changes by the day but at the moment it’s Akira.

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love seeing the impact a safe space like CASPA has on our members. Being able to be authentically themselves and build friendships/confidence.


Activity Support Worker


I am outgoing and energetic, passionate about building confidence and instilling high self esteem in young people.

Hobbies and Interest: Acting and singing

Favorite Food: Seafood Linguine

Favorite Film: Notting Hill

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Seeing the young people smile, and come out of their shell during activities!


Activity Support Worker


My name is Ellen and I mostly work at Junior, 16+ and Futures activities and do some admin work at CASPA. I enjoy music, Disney, crafting and spending time with my friends.

I am originally from Ireland and have lived in London since 2015. I am a primary teacher but now work as a first aid trainer. I love to be able to help other people. I joined CASPA in 2021, after receiving my own Autism diagnosis, and now have a dual role as staff and member.

Hobbies and Interest: Crafting, Disney, Harry Potter, Irish music, singing, musical theatre, baking.

Favorite Food: Pasta or the Café’s chicken and bacon club

Favorite Film: Anything Disney

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: The community CASPA has created and the support from other staff.


Activity Support Worker


I’m gabby, I’ve worked at caspa for 8 years and work across all the clubs. I have a background in dance and sports and am often called the energetic one. I love to have fun, sing loud, and am passionate about educating the world about Autism.

Hobbies and Interest: Singing, dancing, gym and Christmas!

Favorite Food: Italian and Turkish

Favorite Film: Home Alone

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love being apart of the caspa family. I would never call my work a job, as I LOVE it!!! Seeing the children happy and building friendships for life. Parents supporting one another, and building a community we are proud of. Our children and families make my job so enjoyable and fun.


CASPA Café Support Worker


I am 25 years old and I’m very artistic and creative and like learning new creative techniques. I can sometimes be a bit shy, but when I get talking I like to make people laugh. I enjoy cooking and creating my own dishes, and like to be in the kitchen baking new things. I’m a very kind, caring person who makes time for my family and friends.

Hobbies and interests: cooking and baking, and arts and crafts. I love nature and particularly like to be by the sea.

Favourite film: Comedy, true stories, and Disney. I don’t have a particular favourite.

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love working at CASPA because everyone is so nice and supportive and never judge you. It’s like a home away from home.


Activity Support Worker


My name is Hayley and I mostly work on the Juniors, Inters and 16 & 18+ groups at CASPA. I enjoy all of the clubs for different reasons but I always learn so much from the members whether its how to play Pool or facts about dinosaurs

Hobbies and Interest: Going to the gym and walking my dog

Favorite Food: Mcdonalds! Or anything with Pasta

Favorite Film Has to be something Marvel or Disney for me

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love interacting with all the members and having fun 😊


Resource Support


I have been a proud part of CASPA since I joined as a teenage member back in 2009. Since then, I have found true friendships within our community and had many rewarding experiences. In recent years, I have volunteered with the Inters club and helped to set up our Connects programme for autistic and neurodivergent adults to forge social connection and find peer support, where I help to moderate and promote our Discord server and monitor its progress.

Hobbies and Interest: I love going out and about with family and friends and dabble in a lot of arts and crafts (I particularly enjoy painting and sketching). I am interested in speculative fiction, science and history.

Favorite Food: Pasta and Pizza

Favorite Film: Star Wars

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love the sense of supportive family and common purpose in the CASPA community. Neurodivergence is celebrated and personal growth fostered among an amazing, dedicated bunch of people.


Communications & Fundraising Events Manager


My name is Kim (sometimes known as Miss Kim) and I mostly work on the Marketing & PR at CASPA and also run the Singing sessions in the holidays. I enjoy keeping fit, watching musical theatre, being with my family and watching the entire boxset of Friends over and over again.

Hobbies and Interests: Running, Theatre, Baking

Favourite Food: Mexican

Favourite Film: Jurassic Park

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love working for CASPA and seeing the charity grow. I enjoy being creative with Social Media and the interaction from our members and parents. It’s fantastic to see CASPA go from strength to strength. I also love teaching the singing and seeing the members grow in confidence and the joy they get from singing.


Activity Support Worker


I have worked with CASPA since 2019 with the young people at 18+ and have since taken up a virtual role as a Moderator on the CASPA Connects Discord server. Alongside this work I am studying to complete my Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy!

Hobbies and Interest: Animal care, natural sciences, skincare, food and technology.

Favorite Food: Anything I can get my hands on, especially when it’s well seasoned!

Favorite Film: The Shape of Water (2017)

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I really enjoy the ethos of CASPA, especially the way we so passionately support and empower the young people – they are the best and I’m always learning so much from them!


Activity Support Worker




Programme Manager


Miranda trained as a teacher with a drama specialism.  She then became a Primary School teacher, and moved on to teaching drama for a local drama academy, taught drama to SEN adults in Lewisham, taught HND theatre studies, writing for theatre, as well as working for a theatre company facilitating projects within schools on various issues, working in colleges with refugees, on an Entry to Employment programme, as well as performing in theatre and touring productions to schools.

Since 2002 Miranda has worked with CASPA initially as a drama facilitator, then helped Helen with day to day running of the Seniors club before it expanded, ran CASPA Home Ed, and currently still works with the lovely Seniors and is Programme Manager for CASPA Tots.

Although CASPA is only one part of Miranda’s work (she also teaches Phonics to Preschoolers and runs her own drama classes near her home in Tunbridge Wells), she has lived and breathed it for so long it is part of her DNA, and Miranda could not imagine life without CASPA and all the amazing staff, but mostly the wonderful children and young people, and of course warrior parents we meet every week.


HR Manager




Activity Support Worker


Hello, my name is Lucia, and I mostly work Juniors, Inters, Seniors and TOTS, with a bit of 18+ and 21+ here and there!

Favourite Food: Got to be pizza

Favourite Film: I’ve got 2 top films – Iron Man 2 and Dirty Dancing! Quite the contrast, I know!

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love working at CASPA because it has such a warm and inviting atmosphere – we as staff feel it just as much as I’m sure our members do, everybody always has a laugh and it’s a place to feel safe and be your true self!


Activity Support Worker


I work full time as a Teaching Assistant at a specialist college for Development Language Disorders. I discovered my passion for working with autism after leaving sixth form and have continued this career path ever since. I joined the CASPA team over a year ago after attending their amazing charity ball. My late diagnosis of ADHD has given me a greater knowledge and understanding of how best to support the young people I get to work with.

Hobbies and Interest: Music, long drives in my car and creating Forever Rose Bears.

Favorite Food: Macaroni Cheese.

Favorite Film: Hairspray.

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I love working for CASPA because I enjoy getting to know the members and their individual personalities, seeing them grow and progress within themselves.


Funding & Bid Writer


My name is Margaret and I work as a Fundraising Officer for CASPA. My job is to apply to trusts and foundations for funding which goes towards the costs of CASPA’s clubs, residential trips, equipment, staff training and more. There is a lot of competition for funding so I get huge satisfaction when I get some, knowing what valuable and life changing work CASPA provides to our members.

Hobbies and Interests: Swimming, eating, holidays, my chihuahua, theme parks, zoos, the beach

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Film: Harry Potter

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I first came into contact with CASPA in 2013 when my son was diagnosed with autism aged 3, and it was the only place where we felt accepted and welcomed as a family. I have made some lifelong friends through CASPA and I wouldn’t have got through the first difficult years without them. I love everything about CASPA and there is no other organisation in the world that I would rather work for!


Discord Graphic Designer


My name is Michael, my friends call me Mike, and I mostly work on as CASPA Connects Server Moderator and Still/Motion Graphic Designer. I enjoy getting to create visual content to advertise/promote many aspects of CASPA that can be informative as well as entertaining to viewers.

Hobbies and Interest: Animation, Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Cooking/Baking, Story-writing, to name a few.

Favorite Food: Penne Pasta Bake and roast dinners mainly.

Favorite Film: Shrek, full stop!

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: It’s always a great pleasure to spend quality time with colleagues and friends alike, particularly at 18+ events/activities, and getting to produce new ideas for visual content for their promotions.


CASPA Café Manager


I’m CASPA Naomi, Café Manager at the CASPA Community Café. I love reading and I enjoy nature. I’m a sociable person and I like nothing better than spending my spare time with family and friends.

Hobbies and Interest: Reading, Bird watching, Horse Racing and Musicals.

Favorite Food: Prawns or any Seafood.

Favorite Film: Dirty Dancing.

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: I absolutely love working for CASPA, the rewards that it gives you personally when including others and improving their self esteem. Nothing beats a smile on their face.


Activity Support Worker


My name is Olivia and I have been working at CASPA since May 2021. I absolutely adore all of the staff and members at CASPA and the caspa environment is inspiring. Every-time I go to work I leave with a smile on my face and have so much fun.

Hobbies and Interest: Spending time with friends, shopping, singing and going to the theatre.

Favorite Food: TGIs chicken

Favorite Film: Mean girls

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: The thing I love about caspa the most is getting to know all of the members and making them smile every single week. It’s heartwarming to see them have fun and leave with a smile on their faces.


Activity Support Worker


My name is Ryan and I mostly work on the inter and senior groups at CASPA. I enjoy playing and watching sports particularly football & cricket. I’m also a online gamer when I have free time. My favourite food is fish and chips especially on a Friday with my favourite film being rocky and the reason for that is a film that believes in a underdog.

Hobbies and Interest: Football, Cricket, Gaming

Favorite Food: Fish & Chips

Favorite Film: Rocky

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Why I love to work at CASPA is that I too have a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome and being a old member of CASPA it gave me great belief on my own confidence and improve on my social skills which I want to bring to our CASPA members who we support today.


Activity Support Worker




Activity Support Worker


I run CASPA drama and also help over all the sessions / ages, I love working with all ages and playing with all the beautiful children! I hope to become a drama teacher and CASPA has already taught me so much about children and also myself.

Hobbies and Interest: Drama, writing and devising plays, dancing and singing.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti bolognese

Favorite Film: The Goonies

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Seeing the children laugh and smile! The way they light up when you make them laugh, its just the best job in the world!!


CASPA Café Volunteer


Am friendly, kind an creative. I Live independently in own flat and help at CASPA Café.

Hobbies and Interest: Art, drama an music

Favorite Food: Pizza and burger ‘n’ chips

Favorite Film: The Lord of The Rings

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Being part of a family an community.


Finance Officer




Activity Support Worker


I’m a happily married mother of three children and two Pugs! My youngest child being on the Autistic Spectrum has enlightened me to the wonderful world of the neurodiverse, this has strengthened my passion with working with children and adults with more complex needs.

Hobbies and Interest: Running, health, fitness and cooking a variety of different foods.

Favorite Food: Pasta dishes.

Favorite Film: Beauty and the Beast.

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Watching and supporting the CASPA members as they can be themselves and have fun! Working with the amazing group of people that are the CASPA staff!


CASPA Café Support Assistant


Hi, my name is Windryna Joseph. My friend’s and co-workers know me as Winnie or Win. I was born and raised in the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. I speak two languages. I am a mum of twins (boy & girl). I am a very creative, passionate and positive person. I am a great team player and have great organizational skills.

Hobbies and Interest: Cooking, baking, art, exploring the outdoors and learning new things.

Favorite Food: I am a foodie but love Asian cuisine most.

Favorite Film: I love watching investigative and legal thrillers but my favourite movie is Just Mercy.

What do you most love about working at CASPA?: Since I’ve started working at CASPA it feels like I’m always with my extended family. I love working at CASPA because it allows me to put all my skills to good use and experience new opportunities. CASPA also gave me hope that amaziing legends exist with the constant non-judgemental support that I have recieved as a parent of a neuro diverse child. No day is the same at CASPA.


CASPA is a unique, rapidly growing and award winning charity that was set up in 2002, providing support to autistic children and young people, and also to their families.

You can be part of our fantastic CASPA community in a number of ways.