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Below is information about our Management Team. We also have 30 amazing sessional support staff supporting our activities.

The CASPA team is made up of passionate and experienced staff and volunteers. Many are qualified SEN teachers, TAs and subject specialists. We have a diverse team of sports, drama, arts, counseling and youth work professionals to inspire and support our members.


Jason Rose


I’m an autistic adult with two autistic sons, who don’t access CASPA. My day job is to head the Risk function in a financial services business and I’m passionate about all aspects of inclusion and diversity, and ensuring that everyone can benefit from, and contribute to, society.

Hobbies and Interests: Making the world a better place for my sons.

Favorite Food: How can anyone have a favourite? It depends on my mood and the circumstances.

Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption

What do you love about working at CASPA?: The passion of everyone involved and the difference CASPA makes to people’s lives in both the short and long term.

Sharon Harrison


I am a mother of two and an active part of our local community.  I work for a global IT organisation with responsibility for driving collaboration across international borders.  I appreciate diversity of opinion and have a natural interest in behavioural and physical science.  I enjoy working in a team, problem solving and gaining a new perspective.  I love being outside and I make time for fun.

Hobbies and Interests:  Every type of water sport and curling up with a good book.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favourite Film: Too hard to say – Shawshank Redemption, Sound of Music and Parent Trap rank among the top 3.

What do you love about working at CASPA?  The people.  The diversity.  The acceptance for being yourself.  Being part of a community.  The same reasons that our members are part of CASPA.  We’ve found our home.

Mona Farah



Karen Harding


Hi, I’m Karen. I am a proud single mum of three amazing boys (one being autistic). I also have two adorable grandchildren. I have lots of experience to bring to Caspa. I have worked in the police, been a teacher and currently support families in the social care sector.

I like to spend time with my family, walking my dog and have just taken up running. I love a roast dinner. I like to watch films and really don’t have one favourite film but enjoy action movies and Rom-coms.

I am very passionate about autism and providing the right support for individuals. In my eyes, Caspa delivers this in abundance. I love being a part of Caspa as they give outstanding support for children and families in the community. They touch lives of the most vulnerable and steer them on the journey towards gaining confidence and independence. I am proud to say, ‘I am a Caspa Trustee’.


CASPA offers lots of fun activities and clubs to families across the Borough.

We have a diverse team of sports, drama, arts, counseling and youth work professionals to inspire and support our members.