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Sarah Towler, Interim CEO at CASPA named in prestigious 2023 Diversity Power List

2023 Diversity Power List honours 50 of the UK’s most inclusive and inspirational people

Sarah Towler from Maidstone has been included in the prestigious 2023 Diversity Power List. Comprising 50 champions of diversity and inclusion across the UK, this honours-style list highlights and recognises individuals who are working tirelessly to make a tremendous difference to other people’s lives.

Now in its second year, the 2023 Diversity Power List shines a light on people working hard in their local communities and networks to change opinions, attitudes, and behaviours. It features a few high-profile names – including 14-year-old actor and TV personality Lenny Rush, actor and women’s rights advocate Emma Watson and deaf actor/dancer Rose Ayling-Ellis – for taking a stand, sharing experiences, and setting a great example. Most importantly, however, the Diversity Power List highlights the work of many extraordinary individuals who fly under the radar championing diversity, driving inclusion and bringing enduring change.

“Big changes start with small steps, typically taken in a social or work community,” says Paul Sesay, CEO and founder of Inclusive Companies which compiles the Diversity Power List. “It often starts with a lone voice from a brave individual whose commitment, passion and dedication cascade and grow as they bring others with them. The Diversity Power List seeks to applaud these individuals and amplify their work to ensure lasting success.”

The background of those on this year’s list is truly diverse: from digital marketers to community organisers, senior police officers to leaders of charities, athletes to journalists, CEOs of major businesses to human rights activists and leaders in education. The full list is extensive and showcases 50 extraordinary individuals who are going above and beyond to champion diversity.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the recognition and truly grateful for the light that this award will shine on CASPA the charity I’m proud to be CEO of. CASPA is a phenomenal charity ensuring the goals encompass efforts to facilitate social connection, raise awareness, empower self-advocacy and promote positivity and acceptance towards autistic people as well as helping the individual with their particular struggles and goals in order that they can develop life skills and become the best and healthiest version of themselves. This award recognises this and will enable CASPA to continue to seek funding and opportunities for growth.”

This 2023 Diversity Power List was revealed at the Inclusive Awards on December 5. “Our aim in publishing the Diversity Power List is to bring together the most ‘diversity conscious’ people in the UK,” continues Paul. “They deserve to be recognised for championing diversity for one or more of the protected characteristics of people who comprise society in the UK.  Dedicated to what they are doing and innovative in how they are doing it, they are an inspiration to us all.”

CASPA provides clubs and activities for Autistic Children and adults and provides support for their families, in and around The Bromley area. Founded in 2002, they have grown to be able to support over 500 members (and growing).